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Door to Gate / Gate to Door


Picked up at your door and taken straight to the plane: treat yourself to a bit of luxury!

Product Description

Who hasn't experienced it? We're talking about pre-vacation stress. Driving to the airport on the verge of panic while constantly checking the time. Loading, unloading, and hauling luggage. Finding the right exit, then a place to park. Searching for the check-in counter and then inching forward in a long line. How exasperating! You're yearning to start your holiday and relax, but there's so much to accomplish just to catch the plane, and by the time you do you're a nervous wreck. Well, there's a better way!

Our Door to Gate Service picks you up at a location of your choice. You can relax while being chauffeured to the airport in a luxury limousine. Then, while you enjoy a cappuccino or soft drink in a nearby café, our service personnel handles check-in and luggage dropoff for you. Then we take you through an exclusive security checkpoint (bypassing the usual routes) and drive you in a limousine across the apron to your departure gate, which is a thrilling experience for all of our guests, whether they are young or young at heart. Once there, we wish you a good trip and all that's left for you to do is board the plane and fly off to your holiday destination!

And how does it all work in reverse, i.e. when you land at Frankfurt Airport? We greet you the moment you set foot in the terminal, assist you in clearing immigration, and help you at the baggage claim. We cover longer distances in a gate taxi, shorter ones on foot. Finally, we accompany you to the curb in front of the terminal where a limousine is already waiting to take you to a destination of your choice.

  • Bookable for up to five persons traveling on the same flight
  • Round-trip combination package
  • An exciting drive across the apron
  • Pickup and/or dropoff at your home, office, or hotel

Booking Information

  • The Door to Gate and Gate to Door Services can be booked regarding of your airline, booking class, and destination.
  • The service is bookable for between one and five persons (including max. three children) traveling on the same flight.
  • You are escorted through all required checks.
  • Pickup is only possible in certain postal districts within a defined radius around Frankfurt Airport, and the price can vary depending on the distance.
  • Please book the Door to Gate and Gate to Door Services at least 48 hours before arriving at Frankfurt Airport.
  • We are currently unable to offer this service for unaccompanied children under the age of 18. Please contact your airline for assistance (see our General Terms and Conditions below).
  • This service is not available for persons with reduced mobility. A separate, free service is available to assist them at the airport. For more information, please click here or contact your airline (see our General Terms and Conditions below).

Contact Provider

Contact Data of Service Provider:
Fraport AG
Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide
60547 Frankfurt, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 69690 - 33300


Supervisory Authority

Frankfurt City Council (Magistrat)
Office of Public Order (Ordnungsamt) 
Am Römerhof 19
D-60486 Frankfurt am Main 

169,00 €
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